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Why Fiberglass


Fiberglass is 17 times stronger than concrete, yet will flex up to 12 Inches without structural damage. This makes it the ideal pool for the cold Wisconsin climate and the expansive clay soil found here. Our fiberglass pools carry substantial long term cost savings and are superior to vinyl in ground pools and concrete in ground pools. An average savings of $11,000.00 over a 10 year period vs a concrete pool


For San Juan it started with the invention of the fiberglass pool. George Sullivan, the founder of San Juan Pools, invented the modern-day fiberglass pool in 1958. Since then, San Juan has been at the leading edge of the fiberglass pool industry. San Jaun was the first to implement negative edge or vanishing edge fiberglass Pools. San Juan was the first and only to offer a completely above ground fiberglass Pool as well. San Juan’s dedication to their product and builders is evident in the fact that they are the only truly family owned fiberglass pool manufacturer. Not to mention they are the largest fiberglass pool manufacturer in the world with locations in the United States, Canada, South American and Europe.


San Juan’s warranty is second to none. This is due to the fact they use 100% Vinyl Ester Resin and hand laid woven roven throughout their pools. This creates a true fiberglass pool that is 100% waterproof and resistant to osmotic blistering.

Cost Savings

The charts Below show estimated long term costs of ownership of 3 different types of in ground pools. As the charts indicate, although fiberglass my have a higher initial cost, the long term cost savings is tremendous. Ranging from $11,000.00 - $35,000.00.

Cost Chart

Provided by River Pools and Spas

cost Project


There are several other factors in comparing pricing of fiberglass vs concrete pools. Below is a list of custom features for fiberglass pools that would add to the cost of any concrete pool.

Steps: Fiberglass pools come standard with entry steps. This feature would be custom and cost more on a concrete pool

Benches: Most fiberglass pools come standard with a bench or seating area. This would also classify as a custom feature for a concrete pool and cost more.

Safety Ledge: Most fiberglass pools come standard with a safety ledge built in. This safety ledge is designed to help struggling swimmers at the edge of the pool. This would also cost more with a concrete pool

Color: San Juan Pools includes color for free in all their pool shells. This is a feature that would be custom and cost more with a concrete pool.

Leisure Pools Fiberlgass

Reduced Maintenance

Due to the smooth non porous gel coat surface, your fiberglass pool will require less time to clean and maintain. San Juan pools gel coat includes anti microbial agents which help reduce chemical usage further. Routine maintenance should take 15- 20 minutes once per week with a fiberglass pool.

Reduced Maintenance

Efficiency of Installation

The average fiberglass pool project can range from 1-2 weeks. In some circumstances it may be sooner. This is much quicker than the 6-8 weeks for a gunite/ concrete pool.

Efficiency of Installation

Wide Selection of Models, Sizes and Colors

Pool Pros sells exclusively the San Juan fiberglass pool brand. We have well over 60 models and sizes to choose from. Including a wide array of color choices and features like steps, seating benches, tanning ledges etc. Each of these features comes standard on our fiberglass pools, but would cost extra on a concrete pool or vinyl in ground pool.

cost Project

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