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Pool lighting and outdoor or landscape lighting are the most overlooked areas of pool projects. The strategic placement of poolscape lighting can take your pool or spa from ordinary to extraordinary.


Most pool lights have the flexibility to be located anywhere throughout the pool. The objective is to avoid placement that leaves voids of unlit areas in the pool. This can be achieved through proper placement or use of multiple lights.

Hayward Pool Products offers 3 different energy efficient options in the color changing led Colorlogic light. This Hayward Colorlogic LED Pool and Spa Lightlight is up to 80% for efficient than standard halogen pool lights and have a lifespan up to 10 times that of halogen. It does come with a substantially higher price tag intially, but that is offset over time by the reduced operating cost and lifespan of the unit.

The Colorlogic LED Light from Hayward Pool Products is available in 3 sizes. The full size in ground pool light, the slightly smaller version for spas and the new Colorlogic accent light which is the smallest of the 3 and can be used close to the waterline. The Colorlogic accent light is extremely versatile due to its size. You can place the lights in dead spots not reached with the full size options, shallow areas and now they may be used as landscape lighting as well.Hayward Pool Products

The Colorlogic pool light has the ability to be dimmed with upgraded control system and has multiple color shows and the ability to change the colors with the flip of a switch.

When looking at adding a light to your project there are a few things to consider other than the cost of the light Hayward Light Nicheitself. The light needs a niche or fitting that must be built into the pool during construction. From that niche there will need to be conduit to run the power cord through. At the end of the conduit should be a 12 volt transformer. This takes 120 volts from your home and drops it down to 12 volts to supply the light with power to operate. The light niche also requires bonding wire that attaches to the equipotential bonding grid of the pool. Add the time it takes to trench and install the light and its components and the price goes up. So when searching for pool lights dont forget to factor in for the additional components and labor.


Arguably the most overlooked portion of pool projects. The ability of properly placed landscape lighting to amplify the overall look and feel of your poolscape can be dramatic.

UP LIGHTINGPool Scape Lighting

Up lighting is the use of a spotlight shining upward to accentuate key poolscape features. This is used to a showcase anything  from statues, sculptures, architectural designs, trees, plantings, water features,etc.


Pathway lights are great for accenting walkways throughout your poolscape.


Add depth to your poolscape by providing lighting to accent decking and steps throughout your poolscape.

The key to creating your dream poolscape is to factor in all available options and implement them strategically throughout your project. This is where a great poolscape designer will differentiate your project from the ordinary. Call Pool Pros today for your free in home consultation.

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