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Guess what?! Guess what! Guess what! Yours truly, yes me, Lysti Grassman, who hasn’t won a thing in her life, except for a pair of tickets to the Ice Capades back in 1996, that was pretty cool too! Anywho, I won the “Hayward Pools Pin Your Pool Contest!” Okay, so I was one of a handful of people to get third place.  But I’ll gladly take it as a WIN any day!

What is that you ask? Well it was a Pinterest contest sponsored by Hayward Pool Products in which you simply, create a board on Pinterest and Pin a picture, any picture that is your own of course.  The only requirement being: there has to be some kind of pool in it somewhere. The you tag it #haywardpinyourpool; easy enough.  You can check out all the submissions here, and get an idea for your own submission for next year. Cool

Pool Pros Pin your pool facebook post

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen a post encouraging you to enter.  If you don’t follow us on Facebook, well you should. Then you won’t have to miss out on these fun little opportunities like this!

If happen to be familiar with the contest, you are probably thinking to yourself… “Wasn’t that contest a while back?” Well, yes it was.

So how am I just know finding out that I won?  That part is a little embarrassing.  But I will come out with it… I Googled my name.  Okay, that is really embarrassing. Embarassed But I maintain that everybody should do it every once and a while, to see what’s out there on the world wide web.  YOUR OWN NAME, not mine, I should clarify! Anywho, as shameful as it is, I Googled my name. To my delight, about a page in, I saw my name come up as a winner to the contest! Hooray!

“But didn’t Hayward try to inform you, that you had won,” you ask?

Yes, yes, they did. Multiple times in fact. Since it was a Pinterest contest, they contacted me via my personal Facebook account (the accounts are connected). Their multiple attempts to contact me went unnoticed…

Essentially, instead of going to my Facebook inbox, the messages went into the “other” category… never to be checked by me…

Moral of the story?  Like Pool Pros on Facebook and maybe someday you too will be a winner of some super cool contest.  Also, check your Facebook messages every once and a while. Not just the inbox, but the “other” just to the right of it, that’s where you will be informed of any Facebook type contest wins.Wink

Find you other messages here.

Check out the messages in your “other” folder every once and a while… You wouldn’t believe all the prizes I had expiring away in there…jk.

So I realize I just made a short story quite long, I have a knack for that.  Oh, I almost forgot, drum roll please…. The winning picture, taken by myself, of Pool Pros very own, Michael Bowers….



Hayward Pin Your Pool Third Place Picture

Mike out on a typical service call 😉

Off to the notary public I go.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

About Lysti Grassman

Lysti is the Vice President of Pool Pros in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is a Certified Pool Operator and is currently the lead Poolscape Designer at the company.

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