Above Ground Pool Liner Installations

Pool Liner Installation

This article is to highlight some of the mistakes made by inexperienced pool contractors and home owners when it comes to above ground pool liner installations. This is why you should hire a professional to replace your pool liner.  Like everything in life, you get what you pay for and Liner failthis is certainly true with pool service and liner installations.

This picture shows the liner installer inside a deep end above ground pool. The installer is attempting to remove wrinkles from the liner by walking inside the pool to work the wrinkles out. The first thing that is wrong with the method of installing this liner is that the liner attempting to be installed is an overlap flat bottom liner. This liner will not work on this pool which has a deep end.

Second, an experienced pool liner installer knows that they should only enter a pool as a last resort to install a liner. Not only will this pool have wrinkles, but it will now have footprints anywhere the installer walks.

Third and most important, the installer never put the top track or top rails back on the pool. This means there is Liner installationnothing holding the pool wall up or preventing it from collapsing. One slight breeze and this pool is going to collapse.

Fourth this is the wrong method to install this type of liner on  a deep end pool. The photo to the right shows how to install an overlap liner on a deep end pool. This method enables you  to eliminate wrinkles and never step foot in the pool during installation.

This is another photo of an above ground pool liner were a few things were missed again. The liner was installed, but there was no liner vacuum installed to pull excess air out from behind liner. If a vacuum was used, there would be no need to be inside the pool . Now because the installers are in the pool, there will be knee prints, hand prints and footprints. This is an improper liner installationavoidable situation and is caused from inexperience.

Although price is always a concern, this is the quality of work you end up with, when you go with the low cost pool contractor. Far too often we see homeowners have this situation come back to bite them.

They hire a low cost contractor and end up with wrinkles, divots over the bottom of the pool and possibly holes in the liner from being inside the pool when installing the liner.

When this happens, it will end up costing you more than twice as much as they originally wanted to spend. Don’t be that person. Have some piece of mind and hire Pool Pros for all your above ground pool liner installations.


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